April 16

Shots for Hole #8
FKaiser1stDriver218 YdsDown
PTrilikis1stDriver229 YdsDown
AWard1stDriver157 YdsDown
JLohmann1st---177 Yds
WBetts2nd3 Iron160 YdsDown
RSumner2nd---113 Yds
PTrilikis2nd6 Iron155 YdsUp
FKaiser2nd3 Iron130 YdsDown
FKaiser3rdPW79 YdsUp
PTrilikis3rdSW33 YdsDown
RSumner3rd---109 Yds
AWard3rdPW136 YdsUp
AWard4thPutter20 YdsUp
RSumner4th---15 Yds
FKaiser4thPutter10 YdsUp
Doxta4thPutterIn HoleUp
FKaiser5thPutter2 YdsDown
RSumner5thPutterIn HoleUp
WBetts5thPutter4 YdsDown
AWard6thPutterIn HoleUp
FKaiser6thPutterIn HoleUp

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