April 16

Shots for Hole #9
FKaiser1st---219 Yds
PTrilikis1stDriver242 YdsDown
JLohmann1stDriver157 YdsDown
AWard1stDriver251 YdsUp
JLohmann2nd7 Iron88 YdsUp
WBetts2nd4 Iron117 YdsDown
PTrilikis2nd6 Iron127 YdsDown
FKaiser2nd8 Iron143 YdsDown
JLohmann3rdPW114 YdsUp
PTrilikis3rdSW22 YdsDown
FKaiser3rdPutter12 YdsUp
WBetts3rdPutter13 YdsUp
AWard4thPutter0 YdsDown
JLohmann4thPW43 YdsDown
PTrilikis4thPutterIn HoleUp
FKaiser4thPutterIn HoleUp
JLohmann5thPutter12 YdsDown
AWard5thPutterIn HoleUp
JLohmann6thPutter5 YdsDown
JLohmann7thPutter47 YdsUp

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