55 Shots Won
Driving Distance194 Yds6th
Fairways Hit41st
Greens In Reg06th
Putts Made75th

Best Tee Shots
23rd14Driver239 Yds
25th4Driver230 Yds
26th9Driver216 Yds
32nd18Driver204 Yds
36th16Driver185 Yds
Best Approach Shots
1st1Driver207 Yds
2nd7---202 Yds
3rd16---175 Yds
5th5---165 Yds
10th8---140 Yds

Shot Distances

Shot Distribution

Best Videos
Hole 14 - Driver - 239 Yds
Hole 9 - 106 Yds
Hole 9 - 46 Yds

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