42 Shots Won
Driving Distance231 Yds5th
Fairways Hit25th
Greens In Reg43rd
Putts Made131st

Best Tee Shots
23rd7Driver256 Yds
30th16---232 Yds
31st173Iron228 Yds
32nd4Driver223 Yds
38th9Driver215 Yds
Best Approach Shots
5th187Iron190 Yds
7th16---164 Yds
12th98Iron141 Yds
14th76Iron133 Yds
16th13PW117 Yds

Shot Distances

Shot Distribution

Best Videos
Hole 16 - 164 Yds
Hole 15 - 7 Iron - 158 Yds
Hole 11 - 24 Yds

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