33 Shots Won
Driving Distance278 Yds2nd
Fairways Hit16th
Greens In Reg71st
Putts Made103rd

Best Tee Shots
9th8Driver299 Yds
20th53Hybrid274 Yds
28th7Driver262 Yds
56th155Iron160 Yds
3PW115 Yds
Best Approach Shots
10th169Iron143 Yds
17th4GW116 Yds
29th2LW90 Yds
31st8LW82 Yds
45th11LW20 Yds

Shot Distances

Shot Distribution

Best Videos
Hole 7 - Driver - 262 Yds
Hole 4 - GW - 116 Yds
Hole 2 - LW - 90 Yds

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