38 Shots Won
Driving Distance189 Yds6th
Fairways Hit07th
Greens In Reg13rd
Putts Made75th

Best Tee Shots
8th11Driver254 Yds
32nd13---202 Yds
36th18Driver195 Yds
37th1Driver193 Yds
41st126Iron190 Yds
Best Approach Shots
16th137Iron144 Yds
19th56Iron138 Yds
28th74Iron119 Yds
47th29Iron38 Yds

Shot Distances

Shot Distribution

Best Videos
Hole 13 - 7 Iron - 144 Yds
Hole 18 - Driver - 195 Yds
Hole 5 - 6 Iron - 138 Yds

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